Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to come up for air

Time to come up for air.
Been neglecting the bike, been working too hard.
I need to set a goal for cycling this year. I think my goal will be to start riding a bike.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mariposa Randonneuring Bicycle is sweet!

My lust for the perfect rando bike has been quenched at last. The list of requirements included: soul, steel, lugs, beausage, fit, feel, function.

Check out her front end.....

More later, off to work, Adobe InDesign awaits.

PBP yields hard points for OR Randonneurs

I have a bicycling friend from the UK who often referred to "hard points". Steve alluded to sleeping in ditches, riding in the mountains while underdressed etc. These circumstances yielded hard points for the riders which only enhanced the experience. I don't know the scoring system or who's keeping track but I know that each and every one of the hardy souls who attempted PBP in 2007 has earned many "hard points". My OR randonneur rider friends Eric, John and David are hereby awarded 1000 hard points each for weathering the storm which was PBP while keeping their cheerful rando spirit intact. well done.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time to get back on the Blog, and the bike

I've been watching the progress of some of my friends as they make their way across France this week. PBP 2007 was the goal that launched me into the sport of randonneuring last fall. I'm 50 this year, my friend Dave Kamp is 60, PBP sounded like a good way to celebrate these milestones. I'm home tracking Dave, Eric Ahlvin, John Kramer to name a few as they reach each controle on their way to Brest and back to Paris. I had mixed emotions about missign PBP this year but I think Dave Rowe said it well on his blog entry at

Now it seems that it's probably time to get back on the bike as well. I've been resting my body after the Glacier ride, I may stick with the short rides for a bit, 200k is a nice distance.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

OR Randonneurs Glacier 1000K ride report short version

I had a chance to see 4 Northwest states this past weekend, it was a chance I did not pass up.

there are a more photos from the OR Randonneurs Glacier 1000K here:

Here's the box score, for full play by play action you'll have to wait a couple days.
Oregon: beautiful, cool, green, wet, home
Washington: gorge ous, calm, hot, wide, hill, hill, hill, hill, hill hell.......
Idaho: 54 mile rails to trail, moose, duck, moose, gnat, cold moose drool.....
Montana: 2 good passes for the log, 90 degrees plus, buffalo burgers, ice, big lake, endless rollers around lake, beautiful destination, glacier melt bath to cool quads.....

I continue to be amazed at the courage and determination of the wide variety of riders who attempt these big rides and I am honored to be in their company. It's not the fastest or best equipped riders who amaze me the most, it is those riders who somehow continue when the deck seems to be stacked against them. You may question the sanity of this sport but you can't challenge the fact that each of these riders who start an event have the courage to begin a journey with no certainty of a happy ending, sounds a little like life.....

Thai Nguyen cruisin' on day 2

Thanks to all the Oregon Randonneurs who supported the ride, thanks to all the riders I had a chance to share the road with, I learned a little BC dialect, met some fine folks, saw some fine parts of the great old USA on this fourth of July vacation.

Thai and Jon chillin' out at the conoco oasis

John Kramer at the top of Thomson Pass

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glacier 1000K ride around the corner

Ok then,gonna head out in 10 days for a 3 day cruise to Whitefish Montana from Troutdale Oregon.
How does one train in the last 10 days preceding such an adventure?
today, hang with the hammerheads on the club ride after work, 40ish
tomorrow, rest and watch the beaver baseball team on tv
Thursday, ride with the club again, brisk 30-40, stop sign sprints.
Friday, rest and take in a soccer tourney
Saturday, ?
Sunday, ?

I'm thinking more rest and make sure the bike is ready....